Welcome to Cornucopia Press, dedicated to helping indie authors self-publish and promote their work.

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Whether you’re just beginning your journey as a writer, or you’re an established mid-list author who’s looking to take your rights back and self-publish, Cornucopia Press offers the following services:

  • Editorial Support via professional editors
  • Cover design via our global stable of experienced book designers and illustrators
  • Book production, in both electronic (e.g. Kindle) and print formats (e.g. via CreateSpace and other platforms)
  • Book promotion, from custom bookmarks for signing give-aways to print ads and PR (TV, Print, Radio and Online)

Our latest publication is J.G. Sandom’s dEATH in dAVOS.

dEATH in dAVOS ~ Final Cover Art

“Dexter” meets “Gossip Girl” meets “Kill Bill”

A teen serial killer named Robin Beauvais gets herself invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, ostensibly because of an app she’s developed, though in reality to take out nefarious billionaires who have committed unspeakable crimes but whose great wealth insulates them from prosecution and punishment.

Says Robin, “When it comes to class warfare, as far as I’m concerned, there’s far too much class and not enough warfare.”

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