A is for Asparagus

5 - A IS FOR ASPARAGUS Cover ArtA is for Asparagus by Holland Dayze
Print Length: 33 pages
Publisher: Cornucopia Press
Publication Date: August 17, 2011
Language: English

Quantum of Silence meets Chocolat (for kids)

When the asparagus of the world begin to disappear and VIA (Vegetable Intelligence Agency) agents Marc and Marie Couteau fall into a mysterious slumber, it is up to Jacques Couteau, their 10 year old son, to unearth the insidious forces behind the disappearance of one of his favorite vegetables—Asparagus Officinalis.

Jacques confronts the diabolical CLOWN and uncovers a hideous plot:  A mysterious anti-vegetable cabal behind the world’s largest fast food chain—YummyLand—is GMO engineering a new plant with twice the salt, twice the sugar, and three times the fat of ordinary fast food. Worse, each YummyLand product is highly addictive, causing a lifelong craving after only one bite, and transforming people into lazy, obese, do-nothing zombies . . . exactly what’s happened to Jacques’ parents.

Now, only Jacques—armed with his infamous Jacquesknife and aided by May Fourchette, a black-and-blue belt in every Martial Art attainable—can defeat the CLOWN and the mysterious Mr. Bibb, prevent the enslavement of the world, and ensure the survival of asparagus everywhere.

The first in a series (stay tuned for B is for Brussels Sprout), MainSail Reviews called this award-winning children’s book, “A delightful romp that will not only amuse and captivate your child, but may actually get him to eat those green things on his dinner plate rather than throwing them at you.”

This book is perfect to read with your kids at bedtime to encourage them to form an open-minded relationship with vegetables. If you have a picky eater, try this book!

To purchase your copy of A is for Asparagus @ Amazon, click here.

[Possible Cast Ideas: Pierce Gagnon, Griffin Gluck, Eli Baker, Fabrizio Guido.]

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