The Wall Street Murder Club

4 - THE WALL STREET MURDER CLUB Cover ArtThe Wall Street Murder Club by J.G. Sandom
Print Length: 317 pages
Publisher: Cornucopia Press;
First Digital Edition edition
Publication Date: September 14, 2013
Language: English
ASIN: B00F7UH830

Gone Girl meets American Psycho

Five successful New Yorkers out for a bachelor party leave their trendy restaurant in SoHo and go slumming at a seedy local strip club called the Party Girl Lounge. The last bachelor in “The Hunting Club”—as they call themselves after a college excursion—is getting married and there will be debauchery. John Payne would rather stay home with his pregnant wife but Glenn Morrow won’t hear of it. It’s hard to say no to a guy who’s a Prince of Wall Street, who introduced you to your wife, and who helped get you your job as a helicopter traffic radio announcer. Glenn Morrow does not take no for an answer.

One after the other, in a bacchanalian night of drugs and liquor, the five privileged young white men have their way with a willing young Puerto Rican stripper whom they follow home when the Lounge closes. But after John Payne comes to with the girl dead in his arms, Glen Morrow insists that instead of facing the music, they mop up their mess, dump the body into New York harbor, and count on the unlikelihood of anybody caring about some cheap missing hooker. They count wrong.

Scott Turow called The Wall Street Murder Club, “A gripping story, well-told . . . not only a tale of murder and betrayal, but an intelligent exploration of issues of male identity.”

Kirkus Reviews termed the book, “A Big Apple Deliverance, endowing New York culture with all the corrosively dehumanizing power of Dickey’s wild nature … Slickly entertaining right down to the last, inevitable twist.  (Film rights to Warner Brothers — and there’s no mystery why.)”

And Booklist said, “(Sandom) writes with stunning elegance and nearly poetic beauty … A sure hit with any suspense reader.”

Blackmail and murder, loyalty, honor and betrayal — all come into play. Slowly but surely, the ties that once held these lifelong friends together begin to unravel, the bonds of friendship are broken, and the members of “The Hunting Club” start to hunt . . . one another.

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Top Ten Free Kindle Crime Books

The Wall Street Murder Club climbed to become a Top Ten Amazon bestseller in the Crime category.

This book was originally released by Doubleday/Bantam/Dell under the title, “The Hunting Club,” and was published in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Holland, Germany, England, Japan, and Denmark (including an audio book). Here are the original covers:

Dutch Book Cover, Van Holkema & Warendorf publishing

The Dutch edition, published by Van Holkema & Warendorf B.V.

British Book Cover, Harper Collins

The British edition, published by Harper Collins in the UK.

Japanese Book Cover

The Japanese edition — the tiniest book I’ve ever seen!

Danish Book Cover - Gyldendal Publishing

The Danish edition, published by Gyldendal in Copenhagen.

German Book Cover - Goldman Publishing

The German edition, published by Goldmann publishing.

Cover Shot

The original U.S. edition, published by Doubleday/Bantam/Dell. (The author hated this cover!)

[Possible Cast Ideas: Payne—Jeremy Renner, Chris Platt, Jake Gyllenhall, Mark Wahlberg.]

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