Collected Poems – Sweet Little Black Kitty

9 - SLBK Collected Poems Vol 1 Cover ArtCollected Poems by Sweet Little Black Kitty
Annotated by James Wynbrandt
Paperback: 54 pages
Publisher: Cornucopia Press (October 11, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0985695447
ISBN-13: 978-0985695446

It is often asked how different would literary history have been were cats able to grasp a quill pen or pound on an Underwood. Now we know. This collection of Sweet Little Black Kitty’s verse represents a milestone in literature and introduces the world to an exciting new poet and species of artist—not literary lion, but literary feline. The first feline artist to embrace computer keyboard technology as a platform for self-expression, Sweet Little Black Kitty’s vibrant pawings and feline haiku reveal a playful and irreverent spirit, simultaneously providing astonishing glimpses into the mind of the heretofore inscrutable cat. Annotated by James Wynbrandt.


About the Author
Sweet Little Black Kitty was born in St. Augustine, Florida. A black female growing up in the Deep South, abandoned soon after birth, her prospects seemed limited. Yet early on she sought to better her circumstances. The poet-to-be moved in with a tenant in an apartment house she lived under. The tenant, a writer from New York wintering in the historic city, exposed Sweet Little Black Kitty to the artist’s life of indolence and procrastination to which she seemed preternaturally suited. Yet she hardly appeared destined for literary greatness, displaying more interest in the concept of destroying literature rather than creating it; her favorite pastime was shredding 8.5”x11” copy paper into tiny, tiny bits. Still lacking direction but possessed of a fierce desire to leave her native streets, she accompanied the writer back to New York City. New York has long been a magnet and crucible for creative personalities of all stripes, and Sweet Little Black Kitty blended in with the black-clad inhabitants of this eclectic demimonde. She suffered the de rigeur early rejections all artists endure – chased off the keyboard several times when she first began composing verse – but through persistence and the sheer power of her talent, her gifts were ultimately recognized.

This hilarious send-up skewers our obsession with cats, and delivers an insight into the feline psyche that revolutionizes interspecies communication. To purchase your copy of Collected Poems – Sweet Little Black Kitty @ Amazon, click here.


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