4o4 by J.G. Sandom404 FINAL Front Cover Only
Print Length: 333 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 098569548X
Publisher: Cornucopia Press (November 21, 2014)
Publication Date: November 21, 2014
Language: English

Homeland meets The Matrix

An exciting, fast-paced, well-spun yarn of a patriot betrayed by his wife, his friends, his senses and, ultimately, even himself, 4o4 explores our nation’s vulnerability to cyber-attack and how the United States is coping with the 21st century struggle to balance the right to privacy with our cyber vulnerability.

Here is what the experts are saying:

“Team up with FBI code-breaker John Decker as he tries to stop a mysterious hacker, recently discovered penetrating government defense systems. Now, the cyber villain has set his sights on Decker and his family. As a former Special Agent, I found this novel not only plausible, but riveting and truly alarming. If you care about our nation’s cyber-security, you MUST read this book.”

Ron Jaco, Special Agent (Ret.)

“After reading 404, you’ll never look at your tablet or notebook computer quite the same ever again.”

Todd Watson
Social Media Communications, Influence, and
Outreach Director for IBM’s $20 Billion software business

“Strap yourself in . . . you’re in for a Mach 2 ride with John Decker. As someone who has worked national security issues for decades, this story is all too scary and all too real. You’ll love it!”

Colonel Jim “Chip” Marchio (Ret.)
US Air Force

Planes crash into one another midair. Nuclear power plants go berserk. Railroad crossing gates rise, letting cars pass just as trains whistle by. Thousands are injured or killed. The only connection between these seemingly unrelated events is that the systems controlling them are all Internet-based.

FBI cryptanalyst forensic examiner John Decker, working at the National Counter Terrorism Center in Northern Virginia, uncovers a deadly plot to sabotage a key U.S. defense contractor.  When the plot leads to an old Islamist adversary, long thought dead, Special Agent Decker has no idea he is about to be thrust into a diabolical conspiracy that winds to the heart of our national defense.

In the course of a week, America is paralyzed by a series of devastating cyber-attacks that cripple the nation’s security, financial markets and transportation systems.  Assisted by beautiful and brilliant computer expert Xin Liu (Lulu), Decker must unravel the mystery behind whoever—or whatever—is taking over the Net.

Amazon USA Technothriller ranking ~ 404

4o4 made it to #4 on the Amazon Thriller bestseller list.

Who’s responsible for these deadly cyber-attacks? Is it Jihadists of the Crimson Scimitar cell led by Decker’s old nemesis, El Aqrab? Is it North Koreans working out of Dandong, China? Or, is it somebody else altogether instead?

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[Possible Cast Ideas: Decker—Jake Gyllenhall, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, James Macavoy; Xin Liu (Lulu)—Lynn Hung, Bianca Bai, Gong Xinliang, Fan Bingbing.]

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